How much water do you and your employees need on a daily basis?


We breathe, we sweat and when we practice sports we sweat even more, and we visit the rest room. In this way, our body loses 1 litres of moisture on average, every day (Source). It is vital that we retain the fluid balance in the body by giving it what it needs in the way of food and drink. Not only a deficiency, but a surplus of water can be problematic. We all know that the human body needs water. Drinking water is of vital importance to feeling good about yourself and preventing disease. But do you know how many litres of water you actually need every day to be and remain productive? 

Four glasses of water, eight glasses, ten ... or should you simply drink when you’re thirsty? Because water has no scent, colour or taste, it is a perfect thirst-quencher. Nutritionists have indicated that the daily loss of fluid should be compensated with 1.5 to 2 litres of water, which corresponds to eight to twelve glasses a day. You should, however, take into account that the recommended intake of water among your employees may increase under certain circumstances. The need for more fluids rises under extreme temperatures, dry air, heavy physical labour and while practising sports. If drinking 2 litres of water every day at first seems unattainable, the following suggestions are guaranteed to help. 

Do something that will enable your employees to visualise their daily recommended intake of water. You could use bottles of Chaudfontaine for the purposes of illustration: your employees could put a bottle of water on their desk first thing every morning. This will give them an overview and know exactly how much they will still have to drink in order to attain their daily recommended intake. 

Distribute suggestions at work showing how your employees can consume their daily recommended intake of fluids. They could always take a bottle of water along with them: when they commute to and from work, when they visit a customer, when they leave work to pick up a sandwich for lunch, during meetings. Make it easy for your employees to grab a bottle of water whenever they exit and enter the building. 

Breakfast at work? Or how about lunch? Habitually set a few bottles of water on the table for your employees.

Make sure to give your employees a little variation in their daily recommended intake of fluids. At Coca-Cola Enterprises we know that consumers change, and so do their wishes and expectations. The 18 brands we market in Belgium and Luxembourg enable us to offer consumers substantial variation in their choice of beverage, caloric content and packaging size.

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