How can you make sure your employees get more exercise at work?

Health at work

It’s common knowledge that regular and sufficient exercise is good for both body and soul. Nevertheless, people often excuse themselves by saying they ‘don’t have enough time’ or are ‘too tired’. Take action so that your employees will not have to wait to get their daily exercise until they put on their sports gear after work. Do your employees perform their work seated? What would be better for them than to interrupt their work every hour or so for a little exercise break!  

Exercise pays off! Did you know that even few brief exercise breaks will produce numerous positive effects? Heightened productivity, improved capacity and a better atmosphere on the work floor are among the benefits of regular exercise breaks. This may, in many cases, not be obvious, but the following suggestions will contribute to improving the quality of life on the work floor. 

Encourage healthy commute habits 

Stimulate your employees to leave their cars at home! They may be able to get to work by bike, or by foot from the nearest railway station. If they ride the bus to work every day, or travel by train, they could use a convenient folding bike and get off at an earlier stop to get a little exercise on their way to work! Not everyone can commute to work by public transport. People who have to take the car to work every day could be encouraged to park a little further away and start the day with a vigorous walk. 

Get the most out of your lunch break 

Lunch breaks present a perfect opportunity to join your colleagues in stretching your legs. Organise and schedule a weekly time slot to get together with your co-workers for a pleasant walk. Give your co-workers the opportunity to get out together in the afternoon. Encourage them not to take the car, but to walk to the local delicatessen instead. This breath of fresh air will clear their heads and give them a fresh new perspective on their tasks! 

Organise walking meetings

Why always meet with people in the conference room when you have something to discuss? Use this opportunity to stretch your legs. Walk through the corridors when you need to discuss something, or organise a meeting near the Coca-Cola vending machine and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Promote the staircase 

Encourage your employees to take the stairs when they need to go only one or two floors up or down. Relegate the lift to the past and bring a little more movement into your employees’ workdays. Would you like to burn some calories at the same time? When using the stairs, don’t skip any steps! This way, it will take you longer and you will burn more calories. 

Schedule team activities

Organise active team activities and test your employees’ social flexibility. How about canoeing in the Ardennes, or a genuine survival trip? Activities like these don’t just have a positive effect on health, but also on the atmosphere and camaraderie on the work floor. 


Don’t frown when your employees go out for a little fresh air or leave their desk to go to the vending machine. Set the right example and ask your co-workers if they would like a drink, even if this means that you will have to get up several times to walk to the machine. Exercise pays off!

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