Five tips to keep your employees bursting with energy

Health at work

While they may be bursting with energy on one day, your employees may feel completely lacklustre the next, having to drag themselves through the day. Lack of energy can be truly debilitating. Pass the following practical suggestions on to your employees and give their energy level a great boost - naturally! 

Drink enough water

If you feel tired and sluggish, drink a little water for an energy boost! The human body is composed mainly of water. Breathing, sweating and visiting the restroom all eliminate this fluid from our body. To retain a proper fluid balance it is essential that we drink enough water. Our brain is also composed of water. This is why proper hydration has a favourable effect on our powers of concentration.

Go outdoors

If you need a quick energy boost, just walk out the door! Catch a breath of fresh air, take a short walk, breathe in - and out - deeply and you will be ready to face new challenges. Sunlight also has a positive effect on your concentration and motivation. Recharge your batteries! 

Get enough exercise

Research shows, when people get enough exercise frequently, their energy level is 20% higher compared to others (Source). Schedule two time slots each week to put on your sports gear. If you don’t have hours to spend at the gym, simply visit your local athletic track and run a few rounds. Or what about yoga classes? Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be strenuous. You could simply take a walk around the office when you leave your desk for a glass of water. 

Reward yourself

Buying a present for someone else is something we all do! Admit it, you can’t burn the candle at both ends. Why not reward yourself with something nice from time to time? A little treat just for you, because you rounded off a difficult task. Soak in a warm bath, enjoy a bite of chocolate and be nice to yourself. Or make a list at the end of the day of all the things that went well. You will soon see that this will bring you lots of energy and vitality!

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