3 Tips for Avoiding Stress at Work

Health at work

We all know it: one workweek is never like the other. No matter how hard you and your colleagues try, it never seems like you have enough hands! However you slice it, stress is unhealthy... and in 2016, this concept still isn't going anywhere. These following practical tips should help you bring your stress level at work to an absolute minimum.

Start your day with a plan

Keeping stress at bay starts with proper preparation, winning you half the battle. Tip: Set aside a moment on Friday afternoon to organize your agenda for the coming week. Don't set deadlines—whether personal or professional—too tight. This way, your orderly agenda can guide you through planning the next workweek. You'll notice that once your tasks and appointments are visually mapped out, you'll create structure and order. 

Limit multitasking and dare to say “no” 

“Multitasking” has been a recent buzzword of late... but does it even work? Finish your tasks one by one, as this makes for less stress in the office. Make sure you clearly delineate your work domain and learn to say “no.” Put things into perspective, stay calm and don't try to juggle a hundred tasks at once.

Take breaks in the workplace

A well-deserved daily break does wonders for your productivity, lending you a much-needed boost. Don't use this moment to chat about work. Instead, use it to rest a moment and clear your head entirely. That's why taking a moment for yourself at the vending or coffee machine is so important. Don't have one at your workplace? Coca-Cola Enterprises is happy to assist you with this! Discover our extensive assortment via

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