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Coca-Cola Enterprises is happy to help you keep your company well-hydrated.


We cater to all tastes

Coca-Cola Enterprises will be happy to consult with you today to put together a comprehensive range of beverages for your company, tailored to your employees’ specific hydration needs and to every occasion: Cokes, sparkling lemonades, ice teas with and without sugar, sparkling and still mineral water, fruit juices, sports drinks and energy drinks.

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Installation by our experts

Whether big or small, Coca-Cola Enterprises has something for every business or company. Discover our vast range of cooling and vending equipment and choose the one that suits you best.
We’ll be happy to help you make the best decision for your company!

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Rental or full-service?

A social plus point that will be appreciated by your staff, a wonderful initiative for your company’s image and a tax-free benefit in kind for your employees. Additionally, the 6% VAT is entirely deductible and this cost is also fully deductible from your tax base.

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A wide and refreshing range of products and services!

Consumers change, and so do their wishes and expectations. Knowing this, we ensure that our product range, packaging, refrigeration units and marketing strategy are continuously subject to review. The 18 brands we market in Belgium and Luxembourg allow consumers to find themselves spoiled for choice where type of beverage, caloric content and packaging size are concerned.

"I’m dedicated to providing service tailored to the customer’s wishes!"

My task consists of resolving any technical problems that have occurred in our wide range of vending machines. If they are blocked, for instance, we ensure they work properly again. Apart from that, we also make adjustments, such as changing flavours or prices, or we introduce new technologies such as the Cashless System (paying with your bank card), telemetric applications, or interactive screens. We are also happy to explain the various applications to our customers.

Team spirit, customised service and clear communication are the key words within our profession.

- Guy Beckers

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